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A Prayerful Prophet

Prayer is such a great tool! How amazing is it to think I get to talk to God whenever I want to? God loves to hear from His children. In the Old Testament, we see the prophets doing a lot of praying, and most of the time, they are complaining to God. When we read about the prophet Habakkuk, we find a great example of a prayerful prophet. He is also a great example of what it means to be a whining prophet. In the first chapter of this prophet's book, we see him praying two separate times to God.

The first prayer is spent crying about how God seems to have abandoned him. Habakkuk complains that God in unhearing, unseeing, and unjust. He complains that God is not listening to his prayers. He is complaining that God doesn't see the sin that is running rampant throughout the world. His last complaint is that God is not doing anything about the sins, and His justice is never administered. God answers this prayer with a "you can't handle the truth." God also gives Habakkuk an idea of what He has in store for these sinful people. He is going to raise a nation to take care of these perverse people. Essentially, God is answering the prayer of Habakkuk.

The second prayer is in response to God's answer. Habakkuk is now spending time complaining about the plan God has explained to him. He doesn't like the nation; God is raising up. He again prays to God that He must not see how bad this nation is. God answers this prayer with a "woe" to the nation. God is letting Habakkuk know that He is using this nation to punish His perverse and wayward people, and then He is going to get rid of them.

What are the lessons for us?

First, even the prophets of God spent time unloading all their complaints on God. I would say to limit your complaints, but God still loves to hear from His children.

Second, God is always working. He is continually devising plans even though we may not think He is.

Third, God uses whatever means necessary to carry out His plans.

Fourth, God never lets sin go unpunished. An excellent lesson for us is that God sees everything and makes sure that sin doesn't go unpunished.

Last, focus on praying to Him and letting Him take care of you. HE HAS GOT THIS!

- Matt Jones

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