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Best Fruit Cake Ever!!

God uses very unusual things to accomplish His goals. He talked to Moses through a burning bush, He had the Israelites erect a bronze serpent, and He used a fleece to let Gideon know that He was serious. God loves to use very interesting objects to accomplish really extravagant tasks. The object I want to look at in particular is a fruit cake. You may be thinking to yourself, where is there a fruit cake mentioned in the Bible? Turn your Bibles to 2 Kings 20.

At this point, Hezekiah is the King reigning over Judah. He has become sick to the point of death. The Prophet Isaiah has already pronounced his death to him. Hezekiah, who was one of the good kings, turned to prayer and asked God to remember him. God heard his prayer and told Isaiah to go back to him and tell him what he must do to be healed. Isaiah told the servants to take a cake of figs and to lay it on Hezekiah’s boil. This was done so that he may recover. Hezekiah had 15 years added to his life. The next we thing we see is the sign-in which Hezekiah saw to know that he was healed. That sign was a shadow being brought back ten steps.

The two lessons we can take from this story is that God can do anything and God answers faithful prayers. He is the all-powerful God. Was it the cake of figs that caused Hezekiah to be healed? No, it was God who had the power to give life to Hezekiah. Whenever we are struggling in life, or we are dying in our sins, who can save us? God can. No matter the issue we have,

God can do anything to save us. God also takes time to answer prayers. No matter how close we are to death, God will still hear us. Are we still asking for His help?

- Matt Jones

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