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God's In The Room

"Make sure to clean up after your pets!" This command was a sign posted around our apartment complex when we lived in Denver, CO. The management even sent out flyers saying they would fine you if they found out you were not picking up after your pets. The sad thing was I still found myself making excuses on why I don't want to pick up my dog's waste. I justified it in my head by telling myself that they couldn't see me not picking it up, but that is not how I should act as a Christian. Don't we all go through the same thought process? We think no one is going to see me doing this, or we believe this is not bad what I am doing. Even the Christians in the time when the Bible was being written had this same struggle.

We see James write, "So speak and so act as those who are to be judged by the law of liberty" (James 2:12). There are two observations we can take away from this verse.

First, we are to "speak" as those who are judged by the law of liberty. This word is a present active imperative verb, which means that this is an ongoing action that we should be doing. Our words always need to be the words that God would approve.

Second, we are to "act" as those who are judged by the law of liberty. This word again, is a present active imperative verb. Our actions as Christians should always bring glory to God.

The question I have for you, and it is a question I often ask myself is, "Do you live like God is in the room with you?" That is the whole point of this verse. This point is a colossal question we need to always think about. Parents, be conscious that God is in the room and think about your children who are learning from what you are doing. Young people, the same concept applies to you, too. Not only is God present in your life watching and listening, but also so are your friends and younger people who look up to you as a role model. Don't take this as a scare tactic. Think of it as a goal. Work on becoming someone who can be exalted by God.

- Matt Jones

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