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Let The Little Children Come To Me

In Mark 10, we see a story of Jesus teaching as the Pharisees are asking questions. In the context of Mark, the problem is that nobody is submitting to Jesus, The King, rather they are being arrogant, stubborn and have a desire to serve themselves. In the middle of this context, people are bringing children to Jesus so that He may heal them. As these children are coming to Jesus, the disciples begin to get upset because they thought Jesus didn’t have time to deal with children. As we read this story, we see that the disciples were very wrong.

The truth is that Jesus did have time to deal with children, in fact, Jesus invited children. It is here that we see Jesus give one of His most known sayings, “Let the little children come to me.” Jesus uses these children coming to Him as an object lesson. The children came to Jesus because they were willing to submit to The King. They are not arrogant or self centered like the others in this story,

We can look at this story from four different angles. First, from the angle of the children. The children had soft hearts and were willing to go to Jesus. Young people, you need to have the soft hearts like these children did. Be willing to go where Jesus is. This may be church activities or family devotionals. Ultimately, this is the Bible. Be willing to go where Jesus is.

Second, the angle of the parents. We can imply that the parents allowed the children to go to Jesus. Parents, allow your children to go to Jesus. Whether that is to Bible Class, worship, youth group activities or family devotionals, allow them to come to Jesus.

Third, form the angle of Jesus. Jesus allowed the children to come to Him. Jesus wants soft hearts to come to Him. No matter their age or status, Jesus wanted people to follow Him. This hasn’t changed; Jesus has open arms and wants you!

Fourth, from the angle of the disciples. The disciples thought that Jesus was wasting His time on children when they were coming to Him. Sometimes we have the same attitude of the disciples in that we pick and choose who Jesus wants. The reality is that Jesus wants a soft and submissive heart no matter who the heart belongs to.

-Nate Miller

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