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A Day With Jesus

A story is told about a father and son who travel to a western town in search of an uncle neither had ever seen. As the boy and his father walk around town, the father spots a man walking away from them and says, “Look son there goes my uncle.” The son looks at his father and replies, “How do you know that is your uncle? You have never seen him before.” The father looked down at his son and said, “I can tell that is my uncle because he walks like my father.”

People are always looking at us to see how we walk. Are we walking like the Father or are we walking like the world? We can teach and preach a lot of lessons just by how we walk as Christians. We should learn to walk like Jesus. We can make two observations on how Jesus walks in Mark 1:32-39.

The first observation is that Jesus cared for people. The text says in verses 32-34 that it was evening when they, the disciples, started to bring people. Jesus heals many and casts out many demons throughout the night. He takes the time to help the people. Why? Because He knows that people will listen when they know He cares first.

The second observation is Jesus got His mind right. After a long night of healing many and casting out many demons, Jesus wakes up early and goes out to a secluded place to PRAY. He had to get away to go to His Father to pray. He had to prepare His mind for the upcoming strains of the day that were to come.

How does a normal day for us look? Are we trying to care for people and are we spending time in prayer? We need to learn to walk like Jesus. I charge you this week to do just that and spend time with people showing you care and go to a secluded place to pray to God.

- Matt Jones

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