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The Apple of His Eye

As Christians, we hear very often that we need to rely on God for our trials and tribulations. While this is a very Biblical principle, we often fail to explain what it truly means to rely on God. In my own life, I have heard over and over why I need to rely on God. However, it has taken years of searching to understand how to rely on God.

In the book of Zechariah, the prophet is speaking to the people on behalf of God. He is trying to cheer them up and encourage the Israelites to rebuild the temple. The children of Israel have recently been released from Babylonian captivity, so of course, there is a fear of enemies. In Zechariah 2:8, God gives the message to the people saying, “He who touches you touches the apple of His eye.” The apple of God’s eye is part of God. Not only is it part of God, but the eye is known to be the most sensitive part of a person. God told the Israelites that if anyone hurts you, they hurt Me. He promises the Israelites that he will protect them from enemies as they build this temple. His message in the rest of this book is to not worry about the enemies, trust in His promise, and just follow His command to rebuild the temple.

My whole life I have been looking for a quick answer to the “how do I rely on God?” question. The reality is that there is no quick answer, there is no certain prayer you can pray, there is no place you can go, there are no “five quick and easy steps to relying on God.”

This account teaches us what it truly means to rely on God. Relying on God is not following 5 quick and easy steps. Relying on God is understanding that we are part of our creator. It’s about understanding that when we hurt, the most precious part of Him hurts too. It’s about continuing to follow His commands. It’s about trusting in His promise to protect us until the end.

- Nate Miller

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