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"Why Did My Savior Come To Earth?"

In Christianity today, it is known that Jesus died and Jesus saves us. Most who associate with Christianity know that it’s through Jesus that forgiveness is given, but do we know why? There is a very specific reason why it took God Himself coming to live as a man like me and you for our sins to be forgiven.

Why did it take Jesus coming to earth for our sins to be forgiven? In Romans 8:1-3 we see a clear explanation of why Jesus came to earth. In verse 2, we see Paul mention this “law of sin and death.” This law of sin and death” is essentially the idea that sins must be appeased in some way in order to not be held against you. The “law of sin and death” is not just unique to Christianity, but it is a principle which applies to all laws everywhere. This principle is at the foundation of our justice system today- the sins we commit against the law must be appeased with money, jail time, or death.

Since we are under the spiritual law of sin and death, and we are sinful humans, we are condemned to eternal death. Under the Old Law of Moses, God required His people to make animal sacrifices as an appeasement for their sins, but we read in the book of Hebrews that animal sacrifices were only temporary, and only appeased sins for finite periods of time. Basically, animal sacrifices were not good enough to pay for the sin of man (Hebrews 10:4). The law of sin and death required man to be righteous in order for man to live. Paul calls this the “righteous requirement of the law.” Since man is incapable of living perfectly, he is incapable of meeting this “righteous requirement of the law,” and therefor is condemned to Hell and there is nothing that we can do about it.

But, God did what the Old Law of Moses couldn’t do. God set us free from the law of sin and death. How did God do this? God came to earth, to live as flesh in the form of Jesus Christ. Because God was flesh, and God did not sin, He defeated the law of sin and death for all of us. The righteous requirement of the law was met. Since the righteous requirement of the law was met, our sins were paid for. This took God in the flesh.

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