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getting involved

One of our biggest goals here at the Wisconsin Avenue church of Christ is to be an involved group of Christians! We fear that for many Christians, church involvement begins and ends with sitting in a pew for an hour on Sunday. While attending Sunday services is important, God calls us to so much more! 

     In an effort to be the involved group of Christians we are called to be, we make all of our church activities public and let you know exactly what you can do to get plugged in. You will notice three categories of activities: 


Activities in the "grow" category are all about spiritual growth and learning more about God's Word. Things like Bible class and reading plans will fit here. 


Activities in the "connect" catgeory are all about being together as a church family, having fun, playing games, sharing meals etc. 


Activities in the "serve" category are about opportunities to serve at church, as well as serving this community. Evangilistic activities will fall into this category. 

    Our aim is to always have multiple activities in each category. Browse around the activities below, some will require signing up. This can be done here on the website, or in person at the church building. Everything you see below is also on the bulletin board in the back of the auditorium. 


     Challenge yourself. Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Get involved! 

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